Our Services

In a comfortable and supportive space, we offer a highly personalized, collaborative approach that is tailored to each of our client’s individual needs.

We eclectically blend treatment modalities and use numerous evidence based practices to get the results our clients want by conceptualizing and viewing treatment through a trauma informed, culturally attuned lens.

We service individual adults, older adolescents and offer both in-person and video/telehealth sessions to best suit the client’s needs.

Revitalize your relationship with couples therapy. Discover effective communication strategies and deepen your connection in a supportive environment.
Couples Therapy
Individual therapy is a collaborative approach that involves both the client and the therapist working together to address the client's concerns. Motivating change and enhancing one's quality of life are both typical objectives in therapeutic work.
Individualized Therapy
Trauma Resiliency Model TRM works to address the physical effects of stress created by traumatic events. The model is based on the fact that trauma is experienced largely through the senses and is stored in the nervous system. Therefore, training someone on resiliency skills can help build healthier muscle memory.
The main premise of cognitive behavioral therapy is to change automatic negative decisions that could worsen or contribute to emotional issues, anxiety, and depression. The presence of these negative thoughts can cause someone to have a negative mood.
Brainspotting is a therapy that works on the theory that traumatic feelings can be stuck in the body to cause mental and physical problems. This therapy is used to reset the brain and body’s memory of an incident or trauma.
brainspotting therapy
Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, or EMDR therapy uses movements of the eyes (or rhythmic tapping) as a way to change memories stored in the brain so they can be properly processed. The therapy acts as a way to deal with painful memories and your natural functions to recover from trauma effects.
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