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Men In Intimacy overview

Men in Intimacy” is an in-person processing group in Pasadena, CA for those who are struggling to establish fulfilling intimate relationships due to diverse reasons. Our mission is to create a safe and collaborative space where we can share our experiences, support each other to confront barriers to intimacy, and cultivate healthier patterns of communication and connection.

Who is this group for?

This group is welcoming to adult men, 18+. The group is limited to 6 participants to ensure everyone has ample time to share.

When & where does the group meet?

The group meets in-person in the city of Pasadena on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 7:20 PM. It is a closed group that accepts year-round referrals. New members are welcomed when there are openings.

meet your facilitator

I am Tigran Vardanyan, an associate marriage and family therapist at Sandoval Therapy in Pasadena, CA. I have always been curious about how intimate relationships can be a great source of strength and joy, and how different barriers to create these kinds of connections can bring an incredible amount of pain, loneliness and distress in our lives.

As a trauma informed psychoanalytic psychotherapist, I believe in the importance of words, and I think that sharing our experiences in a safe and holding environment can be a powerful healing opportunity. Having the possibility to witness others’ stories and letting others hold our hand in our most vulnerable moments can repair the most painful ruptures and heal the deepest scars.

I am excited to provide a space free of judgment and societal pressures where men can find others who will share their journey.

group topics & structure

This is a talk-therapy processing group. Each session will loosely center on a theme for the week, often influenced by the group members and collaboratively chosen. Participants can expect to receive occasional resources, handouts, and some light psychoeducation on related topics.


We will cover a diverse range of topics, including but not limited to:
  • 1. Relationships
  • 2. Sex & Intimacy
  • 3. Emotional Awareness
  • 4. Communication
  • 5. Trauma
  • 6. Self-Esteem


This group is for adult men who are struggling with establishing emotional connections, communicating their needs, sex and intimacy, or maintaining stable relationships. Considering that this is a support group where conversations can evoke strong emotional responses it would be recommended to count with some external source of support.

In order to keep a safe and non-judgmental environment for everyone, clients should be able to respect the group boundaries, be open to different perspectives, and share emotional space within others.

This will be a closed group of 5 or 6 members. However, the group will be open to accept new members if a spot becomes available at the beginning of every month. Members can choose to stay as long as they would like.

We ask that clients who occupy a spot in the group commit to attending at least 80% of the sessions, which means attending at least five out of six sessions. We request a 3-month commitment to foster group cohesion, safety, and trust. Additionally, we require a 24-hour notice for cancellations to avoid incurring the full fee for the group session.

Yes, this group is intended to be in-person in Pasadena, CA. However, if you are interested in joining a similar group virtually, please contact me as I may start a virtual group once there is enough interest.
If you are unable to attend our in-person group sessions in Pasadena but are interested in participating in a virtual group, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I intend to launch a virtual group in the future once there is sufficient interest, and I would be glad to add your name to the list.
Clients are kindly asked to remain at home if they are feeling unwell. If clients are beyond the infectious period but still experiencing symptoms of infection (such as a lingering cough), we request that they wear a fitted mask during the group sessions for the safety and comfort of all participants.

are you ready to start?

If you’re interested in scheduling a 15-minute screening call to enroll in the group or being listed on my referral sheet for notification about upcoming music groups launching later in the year, please fill out the form below.

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