How Therapy Can Help You Recover from Depression

Updated on May 22, 2022
Written by Alejandro Sandoval

Based on information from the National Institute of Mental Health, about 17 million people in America suffer from depression on an annual basis. Depression is a serious illness and can cause problems in families, relationships, and even the workplace. The good news is that depression can be treated with the help of a depression specialist therapist.

What Distinguishes Sadness from Depression?

Every person feels down sometimes. Experiences like the loss of a job, a divorce, a death in the family, or a major illness are enough to upset anyone. However, those feelings of sadness and grief will often fade away as time goes on.

If someone feels an intense sadness for more than two weeks and it interferes with daily life, this may be more than just feeling a bit blue.

People who are depressed often feel hopeless and helpless and may blame themselves for their feelings. Depression can make people exhausted and overwhelmed to no longer do the things they enjoy. In the worst case, depression can make people have suicidal thoughts.

What Leads to Depression?

It’s hard to pinpoint a single cause of depression. In many cases, depression is caused by body chemistry changes that affect thought and mood processes. There can also be biological causes of depression. Other people may have depression due to something that happened in life, such as serious life transitions or the death of someone important to them.

Can Depression Be Treated Successfully?

Yes, depression can be treated. When someone works with a competent therapist in Pasadena, CA, depression may dissipate over time. Those who believe they have depression should speak with a professional who has experience and training in helping others recover from depression.

Not seeking out proper treatment can lead to unnecessary suffering. Unexpressed concerns and feelings mixed with a feeling of isolation only serve to create worsened depression. It’s important to get the right help as soon as possible.

How Does Therapy Help with Depression Recovery?

Many types of psychotherapy, such as psychodynamic, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral, can be used to help someone depressed recover. Therapy is a safe space where individuals can learn what is contributing to their illness. In addition, they can learn ways to deal with depression, regardless of its cause.

Therapists in Pasadena, California, can help those who are depressed in the following ways:

Determining Life Issues That Contribute to Depression

Trained therapists can assist depressed patients in setting realistic goals, understanding options for the future, and using these things to improve their emotional and mental health. A therapist can also help you determine how you’ve been successful in dealing with feelings in the past if the depression is a chronic issue.

Identifying Distorted and Negative Thinking

Many people who are depressed fall into overgeneralization, or what is known as black and white thinking. In addition, many will take events in life very personally. When you work with a competent and trained therapist, they can help you start to see the more positive parts of life and notice all the gray areas that aren’t all bad or good.

Exploring Behaviors and Thoughts Related to Depression

Learning what thoughts and behaviors lead to a depressed mood can be essential for recovering. A therapist will help you decide what these patterns are so you can understand them better. This will teach you what to do and what not to do to stay in a healthy mental mindset.

Helping Regain Pleasure and Control in Life

Working with a great therapist helps you better see all your choices in life. This expert can also help you slowly start integrating some of the fulfilling and enjoyable activities into your schedule.

Additional Help for Depressed People and Their Loved Ones

Involvement and support of friends and family can also help someone who is struggling with depression. The support system can encourage the patient to practice coping techniques and use problem-solving skills learned through therapy.

It can be stressful to live with someone who is depressed. Those around the person who is depressed may feel loss or helplessness. Marital or family therapy can help bring everyone together and teach them to cope together. This type of therapy is useful for those who have never had depression themselves but want to learn more about it for a loved one.

Depression Recovery Through Therapy in Pasadena, CA

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