Relationship issues

Relationship Issues

Updated on September 13, 2022
Written by Alejandro Sandoval

There are a variety of reasons relationships hit a stumbling block. For example, it might be because of a loss of trust between you and your spouse or your coworker going behind your back. On the other hand, you and your sibling may be competitive to the point of animosity. Whatever the reason, you can take steps to mend fences and get back to a healthy point.

It’s important to understand that it works best if both sides are on board. If you are the only one making concessions, it can cause increased hard feelings. In those situations, you may focus on simply healing yourself rather than the relationship.

Relationship Issues with Your Spouse/Partner

As we progress in our relationship with our partners, we must keep communicating. This doesn’t mean talking about the children or your schedules but genuinely talking about the things that matter. When you lose that connection because you are focused on other issues in life, you risk taking the relationship for granted.

Without communication, other problems can bloom, and before you know it, there are bigger problems than you ever imagined.

Relationship Issues with Your Kids

One of the main reasons your relationship with your kids may falter is because of behaviors on either side of the fence. For instance, your child may struggle with behavioral issues for whatever reason. This strain can cause a weakness in your relationship, bringing about frustration, embarrassment, and/or anger with your behavior.

On the flip side, you might be the one causing the strain. Perhaps you’re inattentive, thanks to stressors at work or with your spouse/partner. You might struggle with an addiction that interrupts the normal functioning of your life.

Relationship Issues with Your Parents

When the relationship with your parent is strained, it can cause anger, frustration, depression, and rebellion. If this strain is because of an issue with your parent, possibly a mental health or addiction issue, you might be angry with them for putting you in a role you shouldn’t be in.

A great example is you needing to cook dinner for your siblings because your parent can’t get out of bed. Or you may need to help your sibling with their homework because your parent was out too late.

As you grow older, this relationship will continue to be strained unless the issues are addressed. As a child, reach out to someone you trust. A friend, teacher, or someone from your church. It may seem embarrassing, but it’s okay to say you need help. There are people ready to help you. You only need to ask.

Relationship Issues with Your Siblings

Nearly 80% of children in the US grow up with at least one sibling. With any sibling group, there are typical sibling issues thanks to birth order issues or the blending of a family. These are typically worked through in time with little to no outside effort.

Unfortunately, there are sibling issues that require more assistance. If you do not address these issues, the future relationship of the siblings is in jeopardy. For example, suppose there is abuse within the sibling group or a mental health diagnosis with one sibling. In that case, professional help is often the best route. Unfortunately, parents may feel lost in these situations and unsure how to assist their kids.

There is no shame in reaching out for help. A sibling relationship can affect how you form bonds with your friends as you grow and your future spouse/partner. Your sibling is the first person you bond with on a peer level, and learning how to work within that sibling structure is key.

Relationship Issues with Your Boss/Coworkers

Relationships at work between two people can splinter to other employees if they’re not handled quickly. Issues can arise from competition, miscommunication, and resentment. When there are issues in the workplace, it can affect morale and productivity. If you feel a problem arises, talk with your coworker to see if the two of you can work it out. After communicating, you may need to pull in your supervisor if issues continue.

A potentially bigger issue arises when the problem is with your supervisor or boss, as this can affect more than just who you eat within the lunchroom. As authority figures in the workplace, they can affect promotions, raises, and your work schedule. Finding someone you can trust to talk to about this if problems occur is essential. Your human resource representative might be the best first step if you’re unsure where to go.

When Relationship Issues Require Assistance

If you are struggling with relationship issues, the effects can melt into the rest of your life. Depending on the situation, you may feel exhausted and saddened by the events. Unfortunately, it’s hard to focus on anything else when battling an issue like this.

If you feel your issues are too big to handle, it might be time to talk with a professional. At SandovalTherapy, Alejandro Sandoval, LMFT, has 13 years of experience working with issues like these. Together, you can devise a plan to see through the conflict and get your relationships back on track.

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