My Specialties​

Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, and Men’s Mental Health are just a few of the areas I specialize in. I use a cultural trauma lens to thoroughly process unresolved issues that get in the way of your best self.

I also work with women. If you have noticed patterns in your life that keep you from having healthy relationships with men or have not had healthy male role models in your life, seeing a male therapist may help address those concerns. 

I help anyone who struggles with relationships, emotional intimacy, and connectivity. Take the first step in connecting with yourself.


Trauma can be a one-time incident (such as a car accident, assault, natural disaster, etc.) or can be an ongoing situation (such as chronic childhood abuse, racism, sexism, etc.). 

Traumas can have long-standing negative emotional and physical effects if not addressed. Unresolved trauma can leak into our relationships and with people that we love.

We may find ourselves stuck in flashbacks, re-enacting unhealthy patterns, or attracted to toxic relationships when our trauma is not addressed.  Regardless of what you went through or how long ago it was, healing from trauma is possible! 

I tailor trauma therapy to suit my individual client, working collaboratively based on their needs. I am formally trained in the Trauma Resiliency Module (somatic therapy), EMDR, and Brainspotting- all of which are effective methods in working with trauma. I use “parts work,” and “ego-states,” to help my clients understand how trauma has affected their lives and help them reach a resolution.


Depression can show up in many forms. For some, it shows up as feelings of sadness and hopelessness, for others, it may show up as irritability.

Depression can also make you feel like you are no longer interested in the things that you tend to enjoy such as hobbies or favorite past times. Whatever it is that you’re feeling, depression is complicated and can really impact your thoughts and mood.

Depression tends to distort our thinking and keeps us stuck in negative thought patterns. Negative thinking also affects our beliefs about ourselves and influences what we think we can achieve in our life.

I am here to assure you that depression is not permanent and it is treatable, you just need a plan to get yourself back on track.


If you suffer from anxiety then you may be all too familiar with the tightness in your chest, sweaty hands, upset stomach, difficulty to breath, or swallowing for seemingly no apparent reason.

Anxiety can interfere with managing your daily life, whether you are constantly worried about the future and creating worst-case scenarios, or second-guessing every decision you made.

With anxiety, you may find yourself ruminating (overthinking) about everything that is out of your control. Anxiety not only impacts our thinking, but it also shows up somatically, meaning in the body- for instance, having tension in the body, feeling panic in your chest, difficulty breathing, etc.

I use somatic techniques to help you cope with the anxiety and learn how to ease your nervous system. Anxiety is not only in our thoughts, and because so, I believe anxiety must be also treated in the body.

Men's Mental Health

I specialize in working with men and all the layers that come with what it means to be themselves. There are multiple shells men wear in their daily life: provider, protector, worker, father, etc.

If you identify yourself as a man and struggle with connecting to those you love most, your partner, friends, and family, seeing a therapist that specializes in men is vital. Many believe that men don’t ask for help, and don’t go to therapy. However, the reality is that yes, men ask for help every day, it just may not look the way you’d expect.

Men, like everyone else, want to feel safe, loved, and connected to the people they care about most. But oftentimes, there are things that are deep inside that keep men from fully reaching that place of vulnerability that is needed to feel alive in their relationships.

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